Saturday, February 9, 2013


I never knew that separation could cause physical pain.

I don't know why this one is different than the other times.  I've been away before for days, weeks and months; maybe it is because this one is so long. 

It's a long way from home, the jar is still half full.

I have been a bit of a hermit.  I haven't come out of my room much except out of necessity.  This makes the pain all the more poignant.  Food, work and beer are at the top of the list of reasons to leave these four walls.  I'm going to have to break out of here soon and go run amok in the streets and see how things really are.  They can't be as bad as they say they are.

One thing that I have been pondering in my goings out among the city is that the way things are done here sometimes seems illogical, improbable and counter-intuitve.  As I dwell on the subject more, I realize that it is just simple living; it is normalcy.  Many times things seem ridiculous, yet they are actually the necessary result of the complex factors at work.  Take the driving, for example.

There are only a few well maintained roads around here, and the road that goes where I need to go is the same road that everyone else has to take.  There is no interstate, there is no DOT or money to fund signage or street lights or stop signs.  How could things possibly be done differently?  Not everyone can afford a car so taxi's and motorcycles offer an effective alternate mode of transportation.  It is the solution to the problem of traveling by foot; there is an effective, efficient necessary solution.  You can write down laws and say people need to drive a certain way, but how do you enforce the law?  The money for law enforcement and all the other frivolities needs to be spent on clean water and a power grid, or does it?

Is electricity an essential? 

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